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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Department of Education has released three grants for local education agencies (LEAs) to apply for through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). These grants are known as the CARES Act ESSER I, CRRSA ESSER II, and ARP Act ESSER III. Hawkins ISD has applied for the CARES Act ESSER I and ARP Act ESSER III grants. When CRRSA ESSER II is released, Hawkins ISD will apply for this grant as well. 


The ARP ESSER III grant program is authorized in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP), signed into law in March 2021. The period of availability for ARP ESSER III grant funds is from March 13, 2020 (with pre-award), to September 30, 2024 (with carryover). These one-time funds are intended to support a comprehensive learning recovery effort in Texas over the next three years. 

The stimulus funds may only be spent on the following:


1) Address COVID-related learning loss

2) Accelerate learning

3) Support the mental health needs of our students

4) Address other barriers to learning (e.g. meals, technology, etc.)

5) Address other health and safety concerns


Hawkins ISD ensures that the interventions to be implemented will respond to the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students, particularly those students disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including students from low-income families, students of color, English language learners, children with disabilities, students experiencing homelessness, children in foster care, and migratory students.


HISD has had ongoing collaboration and engagement with all required stakeholders in the process of developing and updating the following plans in order to provide a safe learning environment and a continuity of services as well as to address how ARP ESSER III funds will be used to make the most impact for our students.