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Medication / Standing Orders

Medication Procedures:

Prescribed medications/treatments/or over the counter medications may be administered ONLY when the following have been completed:

  • All Parents and/or guardians are requires to drop off and pick up any medications from school.
  • Students will not be allowed to transport any medications (over the counter or prescription) to and from school.
  • School personnel receives written request from the physician.
  • School personnel receives written request from the parent or guardian.
  • The medication has come from home, in the original container (prescription or over-the-counter) with a clear label, dose appropriate and not expired.
  • The prescription is prescribed to the student by the physician/dentist.

Students are not allowed to keep medications with them during school hours.  All medications are stored in a locked cabinet/drawer in the nurse’s clinic.  Only office personnel that are trained in medication dispensing will have the key to the medication cabinet and will be dispensing the medication.


Standing Orders:

Hawkins ISD Standing Medical Orders.pdf

Hawkins ISD EPI-PEN Standing Orders.pdf

Hawkins ISD Naloxone Standing Orders.pdf