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COVID-19 District Testing & Procedures

Steps for voluntary COVID-19 district testing:

  1. Schedule an appointment here if you are exhibiting symptoms. Link: Schedule a GenBody COVID-19 test

  2. After scheduling your appointment, please complete the registration provided in your email.

  3. Students only: A parent permission slip will be required to proceed with testing. Link: COVID Testing Student Permission Slip

  4. Arrive at your scheduled appointment time to have the test administered. You will receive details of where to go from Natalie Hlavenka, District Nurse.

Updated isolation rules for students and staff

Information and FAQs

In Hawkins ISD we are committed to doing all we can to keep staff and students healthy and safe. With this goal in mind, on campus testing is available for students and employees. This will allow Hawkins to test symptomatic individuals, including staff and students, and reduce the risk to our school community. Rapid testing will potentially give Hawkins ISD the ability to quickly identify and isolate individuals who test positive for COVID-19 before they can transmit the virus to others. In turn, this will help reduce the amount of absences for individuals waiting on test results and help to fast track treatment and quarantine protocols for individuals who test positive. 

The following provides further information on the tests and the testing program. 

Voluntary Symptomatic Students and Staff Protocols

  • Students and Staff Sick at Home: 
    • Testing for students and staff will be offered by appointments only during the school day. The tests will be given in the staff parking lot in front of Hawkins Elementary School. Natalie Hlanvenka, District Nurse, will let you know where to meet her in this parking lot after you schedule an appointment.
    • If your child is experiencing symptoms and you would like for him/her to be tested, please do NOT send him/her to class.  
  • Student/Employee Sick at School: 
    • Student: If a student becomes sick while at school, they will be moved to an isolated location. The parent/guardian will be contacted about the situation. The parent will determine if they would like their student tested. A parent permission slip will be required to proceed with testing. 
    • Employee: If an employee becomes sick at school, they may volunteer to receive a test.

Appointment Information:

Parents and staff will need to schedule their appointment by completing a registration form. Link: Schedule a GenBody COVID-19 Test

After scheduling your appointment, please complete the registration provided in your email. Natalie Hlanvenka, District Nurse, will contact you to provide you information about the drive-up location and testing. The test administrator will perform the test outside to reduce the risk of exposure to others.

Testing Program Coordinator (Point of Contact)

Nurse Natalie Hlavenka 


Phone: 903-769-2181 Ext. 310

Parent Permission Form

This form can be downloaded here. If you do not have a printer, a copy of the form will be provided to you in person prior to testing.

What COVID-19 tests are used? 

This program uses GenBody COVID-19 tests, which provide results in 15 minutes and are administered using a nasal swab in the front area of the nostril. 

Who will be tested and when?

Participation in GenBody COVID-19 Testing is voluntary for staff and students. No one is required to take a test. Testing will be according to each staff member’s preference and students will require parent/guardian permission before the test can be administered. 

What is the cost? In addition, do I need insurance?

All testing is free and at no cost to the staff member/student. Health insurance is not required.

How will the information from the tests be used?

If your student is experiencing symptoms, the school will call to inform the parent/guardian of the illness. Parents/guardians granting permission for your child to be tested will need to be provided. The GenBody test will be administered. The test administrator will also call to share the results after the test has been administered and/or the results will be shared with you via your email and text message. Additionally, the student’s parent or guardian will receive test results via text within 30-60 minutes and will also receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from the testing site.

The results will also be shared with the school/district and with the local health department to allow for public health reporting. Additionally, the total number of positive tests per school will also be shared with the Texas Department of State Health Services as is required by law. 

If an elementary student tests postive, members of the class will receive an email. Everyone at the Middle and High School will receive an email, as 6th-12th grade students are around one another more often. If a staff member or student tests positive, the classroom(s) they were in will be sanitized.

What if the test is negative? 

In the event the test is negative, the student/staff member will still be sent home if they are running a fever.