HHS first bell will ring at 7:45 am, class will begin promptly at 7:50 am.

The bell to release will ring at 3:35 pm.

Dress Code:


The dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards, thereby creating and maintaining a respectful and positive learning environment. Students and parents determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:


The high school prohibits:

* pictures, emblems, or writings on clothing that are lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene

* advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under the District’s drug and alcohol use policy

* wearing dark glasses in school is prohibited unless prescribed by a doctor.

* wearing caps, hats, bandanas, do-rags or other head coverings is prohibited in the building.  These items may be confiscated and will be returned to student at the principal’s discretion.

Hair and Face

  • Hair must be neatly groomed and trimmed and not in a student’s eyes or below the bottom of the shirt collar. Symbols, designs, words, or slogans cut into hair are prohibited.  Male students must be neatly groomed; mustaches and beards will be allowed as defined by the campus principal or designee. Long, untrimmed beards are not allowed.

  • Any hairstyle that is deemed disruptive to the learning environment is prohibited.

  • Males may wear small stud earrings. Hoops are not allowed.

  • Nose piercings must be small studs. Hoops are not allowed.

  • Hair color must be natural hair color. Exotic hair colors will not be allowed.

  • Hair styles must be conducive to learning environment and not be disruptive.


• Students may not wear t-shirts or other articles of clothing that have a vulgar or suggestive slogan, comment, or picture on them, or have pictures or persons on them that advertise alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illicit drugs or encourages negative behavior or fails to meet the standards of good taste outlined in policy.

• Wearing clothing that is determined by the school administration to be racial, or deemed gang or cult related is prohibited.

• Students must wear appropriate undergarments and these must not be visible.

• Any fabric with holes above the knee must have covering underneath such as tights or permanent patches. No skin should be visible above the knee.

• Wearing shirts or tops that expose the midriff when the arms are extended out to the side, see-through tops and other “abbreviated” clothing is prohibited. Shirts must conceal all underarm hair, cleavage and undergarments.

• Wearing leggings, tights, yoga pants, or running tights (stretchy pants with no functioning pockets) is prohibited unless worn with an outer blouse, dress, or covering that meets regulation dress code length (longer than fingertip length when standing)

• Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be longer than fingertip length when student is standing with hands to the side. The student can not pull shorts, skirt or dress down to meet the requirement.

• All sleeveless shirts must have a shoulder seam at least 2 inches in width with no undergarments showing. Spaghetti strap shirts, halter-tops, tube tops, and shirts that expose the back are prohibited.

• Sheer apparel must have an undergarment that conforms to the dress code.  Sheer apparel is not considered a covering.

Excessively loose clothing that results in “sagging” is prohibited. Pants should be worn at the true waist of the student.

Wearing excessively loose tops that hang or gap open resulting in exposed cleavage is prohibited.

• House shoes/slippers are prohibited.

• Due to safety factors, shoes such as flip flops or high heels may be prohibited by certain teachers in specific areas, such as labs or physical education settings.

• Due to safety factors, no piercings may be linked. In addition, wallet chains, safety pins, and unnecessarily heavy chains that can be used as a weapon are prohibited.

• Pajama type clothing is prohibited.

Other Items

Visible tattoos must follow protocol of what is permissible or not permissible on clothing.

• All combs, brushes, and makeup must remain in pockets or purses until between classes. These items may be confiscated.

The school has a legitimate interest in requiring proper dress and personal grooming from every student. All students are expected to become familiar with these standards and adhere to them. Students have the responsibility to observe the basic standards of cleanliness, modesty, good grooming and dress.

The high school discourages the wearing of expensive jewelry and other apparel and is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The administration reserves the right to judge whether any current fashion or fad is appropriate for school wear and to require any student to change his or her attire if it is not deemed acceptable. The administration has the final discretion.

If the student’s dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, the campus principal or designee shall take disciplinary action. Students shall be accorded due process appropriate to the disciplinary action.

Sponsors of extracurricular activities may set individual dress and appearance standards with the approval of campus administration.

A student in violation of the dress code during school hours will be assigned the following consequences:

1st violation

Call parent/guardian; parent may bring a change of clothes or student must wear school issued apparel.

2nd violation

Same as for 1st violation, plus the student will be assigned to detention.

3rd violation

Change to: Same as 1st violation, plus student will be assigned ISS.

Persistent violations may result in multiple days in ISS or placement in DAEP.