PRE-K PROGRAM State Pre-K Program- based on eligibility, age 4

A child is eligible for FREE, public Pre-K if the child is age 4 on or before Sept 1 AND at least one of the followingthe family qualifies for free or reduced meal program (please fill out Child Nutrition application before registering at school); OR is unable to speak or comprehend English; OR is a homeless child; OR is the child of an active-duty member of the armed forces or child of an active duty member of the armed forces injured or killed in the line of duty; OR has been or is in the conservatorship of the state; OR Texas Star Award for first responders

Students must live within the Hawkins ISD boundary (proof of residency required) or child of an employee. TUITION-BASED PRE-K

Hawkins ISD can offer tuition-based Pre-K age 4 program for all children in the Hawkins ISD boundary, plus children of employees, who do not meet the state eligibility for free Pre-K

Payment options: (1) Pay in full, (2) Pay by semester, (3) Pay by the month

Annual tuition is $3500; $350 monthly for 10 months

WE WILL ONLY OPEN UP TUITION-BASED SERVICES after all eligible students have been offered services.



The documents must be complete to qualify for Pre-K.  Incomplete packets will not be considered for placement in the program.

____ Application

____Agreement of Attendance for PK

____Birth Certificate

____Immunization Record

____Social Security Card

____Parent(s) Driver’s License

____Proof of Residency

____Home Language Survey

____Income Verification, if qualifying based on income

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