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Jim Sprouse

Jim Sprouse

Hi there!

I am a new high school teacher that will be teaching in the area of Career and Technology Education. In particular, I will be teaching the Architecture and Engineering classes. I have an Associate's Degree in Architectural Drafting from High Tech Institute, and I recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities from Scarborough College in Fort Worth, TX. I have worked as a graphic designer in a print shop, a machine operator in a box plant, a packaging designer for Smurfit-Stone, a draftsman for Tyler Metal Building Systems, and I have spent the past seven years in the police and security department of Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Needless to say, I have a varied background!

But one thing has remained constant for me: I love to teach, and I have been teaching in some capacity or another for the past fifteen years. I have taught in youth ministry at FBC Hawkins, TX, and I have taught CPR, First Aid, and AED training materials to police a security officers among other things.

This is my first opportunity at teaching high school in a public school system, but I am thrilled to be here because I know that this is the kind of thing that I am made for!