Graduation Requirements
HHS Graduation Requirements - Click to open a chart that shows graduation requirements here at HHS as well as the year each course is typically taken.

Want more information about the courses we offer?  Click HERE to download the HHS Course Selection Guide. 

Graduation Requirements Introductory Video
- This video offers a broad explanation of graduation requirements and endorsement options. CLICK HERE 
  • Student Quick Check over the above video -- If this video is used as a classroom assignment, you can access the worksheet by clicking HERE.
Personal Graduation Plans - Each student should have a personal graduation plan (PGP) on file in the counselor's office.  Hawkins uses a locally developed form, and it can be downloaded by clicking HERE.  For your convenience, I have created a tutorial video to help you fill out your PGP.  It can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Endorsement Videos

These videos are meant to provide information about the individual endorsement pathways and courses offered at HHS.  


Education & Childcare

Business Management & Information Technology

Architecture Pathway