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Health / PE

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llHealth & PE

1st Period:(8:00-8:35)          High School Health
3rd Period:(9:18-10:03)      Middle School Health
4th Period:(10:07-10:52)    High School Health
5th Period:(10:56-11:41)    High School Boys Athletics
Lunch          :(11:41-12:20)
6th Period:(12:24-1:09)       High School Health
7th Period:(1:13-1:58)         Middle School Health
8th Period:(2:02-2:47)         Conference
9th Period:(2:50-3:35)         Middle School Boys Athletics
Weekly  Lesson Plans (Assignments) for Middle School Health and High School Health are listed under Useful Links .
(All Lesson Plans are tentative and subject to change.)

email : mike.craft@hawkinsisd.org
Middle School Office : 903-769-0552 

High School Office : 903-769-0571