Medication Policy

Medication Procedure

Prescribed medications / treatment / or over-the-counter medications may be

administered ONLY when the following have completed:


* All Parents and/or guardians are required to drop off and pick up any medications

from school.  Students will not be allowed to transport any medication

(Over the counter or prescription) to and from school.

* School personnel receives written request from the physician

* School personnel receives written request from the parent or guardian

* The medication has come from home, in the original container (prescription or over-the-counter) with a clear label, dose appropriate and not expired.

* The prescription is prescribed to the student by a physician / dentist. 

* Students are not allowed to keep medications with them during school hours


All medications are stored in a locked cabinet/drawer in the nurse’s clinic or campus office.  Only office personal that is trained in medication dispensing will have the key to the medication drawer and will be dispensing the medications when the nurse is not available.


Any special equipment needed for treatments

must be supplied by parent/guardian along with a treatment prescription copy

A student with Asthma is entitled to possess and self-administer prescription asthma medicine while on school property or at school related events or activity if all the guide lines of House Bill 1688 are followed.

A student with Diabetes will be permitted to possess and use monitoring and treatment supplies/equipment during school hours only in the presence of the school nurse or personal trained in diabetes management.

A student with severe allergic reactions to foods, nuts, fish, bees, etc. which may become life-threatening is required to supply an EpiPen auto-injector to the campus off ice or school clinic.