Head Lice

What to look for

* Small light or dark brown insects without wings.
* Tiny white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft
* An intense itching on the head and neck

What to do

* Check ALL members of the the household at the same time and treat those who have lice.
* Please advise the school if you have head lice.
* Use an effective head lice treatment.  Your local pharmacy can help assist you to find proper treatment methods.
* After treatment, comb through the hair with a fine tooth comb to remove all eggs.
* Wash all bed linen and towels in very hot water (120 degrees) on the same day or evening you child is treated.  As a precaution, stuffed animals, pillows, or other items that cannot be washed should be placed in the dryer on high for 20 minutes.
* Brushes and combs you child has used within the last week will need to be soaked in pediculicide shampoo for 1 hour. 

Repeat the treatment 7 to 10 days after initial treatment

Please remember that just treating the hair will not eradicate the problem.  Check the hair of all household members daily during an outbreak and once a week at other times.  Remind children to avoid direct head-to-head contact.

What not to do

* Do not use 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner in conjuction with treatment.
* Do not use conditioner or shampoos for 24 hours after using head lice treatments.  Conditioning agents and harsher detergents can make the treatment less effective.
* Do not blow dry hair immediately after treating hair with pediculicide shampoo.