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Weather Related Updates

Posted Date: 02/21/2021

Weather Related Updates

Good morning Hawkins,

I hope you and your family enjoyed the snow and the family time together this last week.  Most importantly, I hope you are all well and warm!  My thoughts and prayers have been with you, your children, our community, and our HISD staff.

HISD is grateful to all the men and women who served one another through these frigid days.  Thank you to our utility companies, emergency responders, businesses, and city/county officials who worked through the winter days to respond to the community members' needs.  We appreciate you! 

Thank you to the men and women working for HISD who continued to oversee the district facilities.  We appreciate you!  Thanks to our dedicated maintenance, custodial, grounds, food service, and tech staff, we were prepared for this winter storm.

HISD suffered minor damage to some awnings and window coverings.  We have power, and water was restored to all buildings.  I checked with the city this week, and Hawkins is not on a boil water notice.

We are hoping and anticipating a regular start time on Monday, Feb 22, 2021.  As temperatures increase today, we will be accessing the drivability of county roads for our buses.

We will not be able to make that determination until later today if we are on a regular start or delayed start.

I promise to give you as much notice as possible as we continue to work through all areas to be sure it is safe to travel and return to school.  Our goal is to have in-person learning, but we will have an official start time communicated no later than 2 pm today.

Our food service director is working today to prep meals and adjust the menu.  With the inability of food trucks to deliver this last week, we are making some changes to the menu for the week. 

Thank you for going above and beyond during this epic snowstorm. Wishing the very best to our HISD families, and I hope to see everyone tomorrow morning!


Stay tuned for additional information by 2:00 pm.



Stephanie McConnell, Superintendent